• Powerturn Duo Drive Dragsters at ODD Cavan

These off road buggies have a mind of their own!

With TWO drivers per cart, each with an independent engine, steering lever, throttle and brake, you'll experience fun at its' absolute craziest!

These karts SPIN, WHEELIE, and go round in CIRCLES, - all at the same time, until both drivers learn to work together to make their way around a number of obstacles.

Powerturn Duo Drive Dragsters at ODD Cavan

Just when you have the hang of it, one of you is blindfolded, and you start again! Try and stop laughing long enough to score the least faults round the circuit!

Powerturn Obstacle Course €30 per person

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This project has been funded by the Cavan-Monaghan Rural Development Co-op under the National Rural Development Programme. Funded by the Irish Government and part-financed by the European Union under the National Development Plan 2000 - 2006.