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What makes odd stag and hen parties

splash bigWe’re not agents-We’re Suppliers!

Do other websites offering all-inclusive stag and hen party weekends in Carrick on Shannon or Cavan actually deliver any of the services on offer?  
The answer is-NO, they don’t. But we do.

We deliver great activities. And because we get to meet you in person, we see
first-hand what a very special occasion your hen or stag party is. So we make
sure every part of the package you choose is exactly right; whether it’s for
activities only, or all-inclusive.

Hassle Free Payment Systemsplash big
Previously- Delaying booking for a group while collecting payment often
resulted in hotels booking out. Disaster!  Or, you as organiser paid upfront –
then prayed the others settled up with you fast!

But Now–Organisers can book early with our Group Payment System, then relax while everyone pays for themselves; direct, and online.

splash bigNo Extra Cost

We don’t charge for creating all-inclusive packages for you.
In fact, on comparison you might even find ODD packages are cheaper
than doing it all yourself!

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